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Three samples, with paperwork and Posting Bag

Easy Projects for Everyone

It seems to me that there is too much Showing Off in the quilt world, and not quite enough Showing How - so Heather and I have come up with the idea of these little packets of information, to be sent out to Groups of all sizes (1 person +) - whether you are a formal Quilt Group or just a couple of friends who meet and sew together

The boxes (actually bags, but that doesn't have the same ring) will come to you in the post, with a Real Sample to handle, Instruction Sheets (and a link to download more copies if you want to print extras) and Further Ideas to carry you forward.

I want the whole idea to be affordable, so I'm hoping you will just have to pay postage - at present this will be 3.40 each way (1st class small parcel)
It's important that you play, and that you pass on the skills, so KEEP THE PAPERWORK, please

Please email Maria Spiller if interested...

You will have to leave a credit card number to guarantee their return - we know that the samples are just a bit delicious...

I hope that you will explore the possibilities, and then perhaps teach the ideas onwards.. We need to encourage a new generation to sew, not least because organisations like the Guild get steadily older, and we want someone else to put the chairs out at meetings in 10 years' time...

CLICK on the images for more details, downloadable patterns, and examples from students...

Box 1 - Log Cabin Crosses

Easy beginner level machine sewing

Box 2 - Striped Half-Hexagons

All done by machine. Triangle or Jelly-roll ruler required for best results

Box 3 - Bright Crosses on a Neutral Ground

A simple block with a sub-pattern in the sashings

Box 4 - Greetings

Nice variation on the traditional Broken Dishes pattern by Heather Hasthorpe

Box 5 - Open Logs

Easy and effective

Box 6 - Interlocking Plusses
- this is a design wall tutorial, useful for all manner of items

Box 7 - Tiger Tiger

Easy curved piecing - this block is particularly good for multi-maker quilts

Box 8 - Garden In The Rain

Another good one for multiple makers - several blocks which work together

Box 9 - Modern Crosses.
Simple curved piecing

Box 10 - Straight Crosses
. Even simpler...

Box 11 - Double Crosses
- these are nice from Charm Packs

Box 12 - Crosses and Plusses

Box 13 - Wonky Stars
. Great fun!

Box 14 - Cross Patch
by Helen Butcher...

Box 15 - Three In One

Box 16 - Kittenopolis

Box 17 - Hollow Boxes

Box 18 - Marbles
And if you have an idea of your own that you would like to put into one of these, but cannot write a pattern, we are really happy to help - send the sample and we'll reverse-engineer it, and credit you all the way