Modern Quilt Group - Regional Contacts

Regional contacts, by Quilters' Guild Regions...

These are contact points, so if you have news or ideas for your area, please get in touch with the local bod and the newsletter editor, of course
If you have a general membership query or a problem with the Group, please contact me directly on
Otherwise, please ask if you want to join, start or encourage a small group locally to you.

Would you like to Play? I give lots of support, you get your name in the Newsletter, people think you're great...

No limit on how many people per region, so even if yours looks covered, please ask.
These are NOT committee positions, no paperwork or attendance at meetings required...
Region 3 (Jersey) - Kim Monins
Region 3 (Hampshire) - Kate Percival
Region 5 (Bristol) Ruth Case -
and Michaela Knight
Region 6 (Berkshire, Slough) - Susan Brown
Region 7 (Buckinghamshire) - Alison Mayall
Regions 8 and 9 (South Norfolk, North Suffolk) - Helen Howes
and Helen Butcher
Region 9 (East Norfolk) - Heather Hasthorpe
Region 10 (East Midlands, Nottingham area) - Moira Petrie
Region 11 (Worcester) - Eleanor Marsden
Region 16 (Scotland, East Ayrshire) - Collette Howie
Region 16 (Scotland, Perthshire – Between Dunkeld and Blairgowrie) - Janice Willsher