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Free Pattern - Hanging Sleeves

You need a sleeve...

...if you are going to send your quilt to a show, or put it on the wall.
Usually 4 inches deep, but some small quilts need a 2-inch sleeve, adjust accordingly...

First cut a piece of the backing fabric exactly the same width as the top of your quilt, and 9 inches deep. When the quilt is all trimmed, of course
Turn a half-inch, then another (so, a double fold) on each end, and stitch down. Press the seams, then fold in almost-half and press longways, as shown
Pin both the raw edges to the top at the back, with the shorter part towards the quilt. Use big-headed pins and let them stick up, as you need to sew from the other side and remove them as you go...
Sew on your Binding from the front, catching the edge of the sleeve as you go.
Pin and hand-sew down where the crease is - this allows an "upset" which lets the quilt hang nicely from a batten without bulging. Make sure the stitches just catch the back of the quilt and that the ends of the sleeve nearest to the backing are sewn down - this allows the batten to sit away from the back of the quilt.
Note - you can of course make a separate sleeve which does not attach to the binding - if you plan to use the quilt later this is easier to remove. Make the sleeve as above, sew the whole thing into a tube lengthways, and attach top and bottom by hand. For really quick-and-dirty, use safety-pins...

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