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Free Tutorial - "Nice Inside" Purse by Helen Howes - Page 2

On the "open end of the zip" side, sew all along through all four layers. Start and finish with a few back-stitches and backstitch over the end of the zip.

Trim a little off the corners if your fabrics are bulky.

On the other side, make two snips in the top layer of the LINING fabric only, up to the seam allowance, as shown..

Sew all along as on the other side, but this time fold the little flap between the snips out of the way and sew only 3 layers at this point
Turn the purse to the outside
Push the purse into shape and hand-sew the little bit of the lining up to neatly finish.. Look, no raw edges!

Here's this one, and another (fishier) one I made earlier...

Make another?
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