Modern Quilt Group - Zippy Monster Purse

A Wee Beastie, eats pencils...

As part of our campaign to encourage both enjoyment in making and quality of result, here's a tutorial for this not-very-scary pencil-eater. All text and images by Heather Hasthorpe

You need:
Outer fabric with iron on Vilene 14 inches x 10-1/2 inches
Lining fabric with iron on Wadding 14 inches x 10-1/2 inches
2 Buttons about 1 inch for eyes
Selvedge strip about 1 inch x 36 inches for hair
2 x 2-1/2 inch circles of white fabric + bondaweb
7 inch zipper - or longer, you can cut it down.

To Make:
Place fabrics Right Sides together with outer fabric on top and cut in half - two pieces 7 inches x 10-1/2 inches
Take one pair and mark mouth with a line 2-1/2 inches up from one long edge and 1-3/4 inches in from ends
Mark either side of this line making a letterbox. My zip is chunky so my box is 1/4 inch wide - adjust size to fit your zip (see picture). Mark the corners as shown.

Stitch around the shape twice, just outside the line. Cut open and trim close to stitches and into corners trimming the wadding away.
Turn through and press carefully.

Check zipper length - if you need to, you can stitch across the teeth by hand or machine and cut off the surplus.
Tack stitch the ends of the zip to the lining fabric by folding the top fabric out of the way.
Pin the zip inside the hole and topstitch into place using your zip foot. NOT over the ends if there are zip teeth there!

Round the ends of the pencil case - I drew around a 7 inch tea plate; trim off excess

Attach bondaweb to white fabric circles and stick onto face. Stitch around edges.
Fold selvedge strip in half lengthwise and stitch along, I used a zigzag. Cut into 8 pieces and knot one end of each small strip. Pin to top of face pointing inwards and stitch across close to outer edge to hold in place


Layer the Face RS up, Back outer RS down, Back lining RS up.

Pin and stitch all the way around the outside, twice, enclosing the hair. Trim. Neaten the edge with a zigzag stitch. Turn through the zipper and stitch on buttons securely.

Design and instructions by Heather Hasthorpe 2015

Click here for a downloadable print version of this pattern - please feel free to make as many of these purses as you like for the Quilters' Guild tombola 2016 or for charity. if you wish to make these for sale commercially, you MUST ask permission of the artist...