Modern Quilt Group - Flange Binding Tutorial Page 2

Mitred corners - (this is how these are done on regular bindings, too)
Sew to about 1/4 inch from the bottom edge of the quilt, back-stitch a few stitches and remove the work from the machine

Fold the binding away from the corner so that the edges align, like so

Now fold the binding back along the next edge, making a neat crease right on the outer edge of the quilt.

Sew from the very edge, back-stitch at the start for strength..

When you have sewn all the way around, join the ends of the binding by your preferred method. Turn the binding to the RIGHT side of the quilt and pin if desired
Sew, using a matching thread, just where the flange meets the outer colour. Take it slowly and you will get a really neat (and quick) result

At the corners, fold the mitre neatly and stitch slowly for best results

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