Modern Quilt Group - Flange Binding Tutorial Page 1

By popular request...

We have been showing this easy and entirely machine-sewn binding method for a while - here is a how-to for you..
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First cut your bindings - you need as much as will go all the way around your quilt plus about 6 inches for the corners..
Cut the outer edge colour (cream here) to 1-1/4 inches wide, and the flange colour (blue here) to 1-1/2 inches wide. Make your joins on the diagonal to save bulk and try not to let them meet each other. Press the join-seams open
Join all the lengths of each colour together first

Sew all along the length, right sides together, with a slightly mean 1/4-inch seam.. I have sewn this with a contrast thread so you can see what is happening, but match yours to the lighter colour

Press toward the smaller piece all along the length

Fold the binding in half, right sides out, and press again as shown. The flange should show evenly along the length, if not, press again and trim a little, perhaps. This is not difficult...

Sew the binding to the WRONG side of the quilt first, matching the raw edges and with the flange colour upwards as shown. Use a mean 1/4 inch seam and your walking foot - I have used my small foot for clarity here
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