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Free Tutorial - Fabric Bowls With Cows (or Other Things) On

Practical and Quick...

Textile bowls are fun, easy to make and a great stash-buster. Why Cows? Well, why not...
For the sample I started with sixteen 3-inch squares, and arranged these as shown

Then sewed the rows together (chain piecing) as shown (see note below) using 1/4 inch seams (Note, consistent is better than accurate here)

Press the seams alternate ways and pin the rows together, then sew again
Press firmly...

Choose a backing, and find an oddment of wadding/batting
Layer with the backing right side down, then batting, then the nicely-pressed top. Pin firmly

Quilt (use your walking foot - see below) - I made a simple squareish spiral

Chain Piecing - why?
I usually lay out my blocks, then piece into a "web" - at this point it's much harder to lose odd pieces, press the "wrong" way, or get things the wrong way around.
I't also easier to keep your seam allowances consistent
I'm lazy, this is easy. I'm fussy, like things Done Right
I am, however, not the Quilt Police, so your methods are just fine too

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