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Free Tutorial - Origami Bunting

Folding is Fun!

Start with a square - this is 10 inches (layer cake?) - if you are cutting from fat quarters or eighths then 9-1/2 inches is more economical

Fold in half right sides IN and press

Open out and fold corner to corner with right sides OUT and press again. Do this both ways...

Push the first fold inwards to meet in the middle and you will have a shape like this

Fold the top layer down to meet the centre like so, and press

Repeat on the other half...

Fold the corners inwards to meet in the centre and press again

Trim off the sticky-up bits

You can have a deal of fun with stripes - note the different effects according to how you make the first fold

Take cotton tape or nice ribbon and press in half. Enclose the bunts, pinning well, and leaving a gap between each about the same size as the bunt and sew all along (use a big zig-zag stitch, perhaps?). Leave a bit at each end to hang your garland up, and do that thing

Christmas fabrics anyone? (These were started with 6-inch squares)
Maybe in silk? (or even paper?)

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