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Free Tutorial - Blocking Your Quilt

Much Nicer If Truly Flat

Now, you've quilted your quilt, and hauled it around, and finally got it to the point where it needs binding.. But first, you need to make it Nice and Flat

I don't generally block really big quilts, but I have done so in the past, and even the smallest piece will look better for doing this. Make a clean place where you can pin this down, I have a carpeted table but you are probably going to be doing this on the floor. (Spare bedroom?)

Remove the dog!


Then lay a clean sheet out that is bigger than the (untrimmed) quilt, and gather your tools - lots of straight pins, and a water-spray.

Spray the back until it is nicely damp, then turn the quilt right side up.

Spray again, as evenly as possible

Now PIN...

...making sure that the pins are leaning out, or the quilt will not benefit (and your tent will fall down, too)

Start in the middle of two opposite sides and work to the corners, pinning every 3-4 inches. Pin from the middles of the remaining sides in the same fashion, adjusting as you go. You want it tight, but not distorted at the corners, and evenly tensioned...

Take your time

Leave the whole thing for 24-48 hours, and then unpin, trim, and bind...

You'll be amazed at the difference in the finished article, and if you plan to show your quilts, they should always be blocked...

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