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Free Pattern - Binding Your Quilts

French or Double-fold Binding - this is pretty much standard

When you have finished ALL the quilting (and blocked your quilt if desired), start by trimming the edges of your quilt, removing any excess batting and backing and making sure it is shapely...

Cut enough 2-1/2 inch strips of your binding fabric, on the straight grain, to go all around your quilt, plus 6-8 inches for corners (or piece together lots of oddments if you want a scrappy binding)..
Bindings seem to behave better if cut across the width of the fabric from selvedge to selvedge.
Join the pieces end-to-end with a small stitch and press the seams open. If you prefer, you can cut a diagonal edge on the pieces and join these, to save bulk..

Fold the binding all along the length and press in half, Right Side Out

Starting in the middle of one side (I start at the bottom) and leaving a goodly tail of the binding unstitched, sew the the raw edges of the binding to the edge of your quilt. I usually aim for 1/4 inch seam, sometimes smaller.. if you want a much wider binding you must start with wider pieces of fabric. Anyway, keep it consistent. Use your walking foot - you have lots of layers here

When you get to first corner, stop exactly the same distance from the end as your seam is from the edge, back-tack a few stitches, and remove the work from the machine

Fold the binding so that the edge of the quilt is continued along, as shown

Then fold back, making a neat crease exactly on the edge of the quilt.. Turn the quilt to the left...(Pin if desired..You will note that the binding is not otherwise pinned into place - it just doesn't work)

Sewing right from the edge, back-tack a little again and continue as before to corner 2... Rinse and Repeat until you get back to Side 1

When you are about 10 inches from the first end, take the work out again. Pin a 1/4 inch pleat into the binding as shown near to the working end

Lay the free ends on top of each other and slice the excess matching exactly. Undo the pinned pleat..
(Note, particular thanks to Kathy Loomis for this neat trick)

Sew the ends of the binding together. Make sure there is a good match, and no excess, or you will get a bump. Finger-press the seam open and sew the remaining part down to the edge of the quilt...

Like so...

Take the folded edge to the back of the quilt, pinning into place with a nice tight finish; "empty" bindings are soggy and wear very badly.. Sew into place with a blind stitch, pushing the mitred corners into place as you go..

If you prefer a quicker machine-sewn-all-through binding, try this
Flange Binding

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