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Free Tutorial - One Hundred Cushion by Helen Howes - Page 1

Cushions made from 5-inch charm squares - these are easy and quick to make

The bottom one was made from an Oakshott pack, from which I extracted a couple of colours (as I only wanted 25 pieces)..the top one was made from 5 sets of 5 x 5 inch squares cut from an assortment of greens (well, it's Spring..)
Start with your squares, cut to 5 inches for preference

Put them in piles of 5, one of each colour, in the same order in each pile, and Right Sides Up

Cut 2 inches from the left edge and the top edge, to make 4 pieces each time (I suggest you cut in piles of 5, but you may find it easier to cut the individual squares and pile them up)
Make the little piles into one big set of piles, keeping them in order

Go clockwise
Leave pile one alone, take one piece from pile 2 and put it under the pile, take 2 from pile 3 and do likewise, and 3 from pile 4 and also put underneath..

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