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Guide to uploading images to Flickr

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A simple guide to Flickr

This is exactly what it says on the box a simple guide largely because I am no expert. But this should get you started. If you have already started and you've got a Flickr page and just want to know how to upload to the Group go to the underlined section. If you find something is wrong below or there is a better way please let me know.

What is Flickr?

It is a website where you can post a copy of your photos and share them by allowing others to see them.What I have learnt the hard way is that using Flickr via the Flickr app as opposed to accessing it via the Flickr website is quite different. The latter way gives you much more functionality. So if you are not a tablet user (ipad and the like) then arguably using Flickr on an ordinary computer is absolutely fine if not better.
If however you are a tablet user (and my iPad has become an extension of my right arm) remember to be able to access the full Modern Quilt GB Group you will need to go through the Flickr websites and not the app. I find the quickest way is to just type Flickr into my search engine Google. But the app is probably quicker and lets you view, upload and comment so most of what you need to do.

I don't have a Flickr account - how do I get started

Put Flickr into your search engine, like Google for example, and it will take you to their website. It will then guide you through the steps needed to make your own Flickr page and start uploading pictures. It is reasonably intuitive but actually creating a yahoo account if you haven't got one already can take an age because they send you an authorisation code via your mobile and that can take up to 30 mins. This is particularly so if like us you have a weak/non existent signal!

Tip - do this where you will have a strong signal on your mobile.

OK I've got a Flickr page and I've uploaded pictures to my Flickr account, how do I copy them over to the Modern Quilting GB Group?

There are a number of ways. You can search for the Group by using the magnifying symbol or or go straight to the Group Then click to join. I get a message and I 'accept' you. This 'acceptance' is needed as it is a closed group only open to those who've joined the modern quilt specialist group via the Quilters Guild.Once you've been accepted you are a member of the Group andautomatically the Group will appear under the Groups on your Flickr account and you can start to upload. If you don't hear from me and/or the Group doesn't appear under the Group tab then contact me on During school holidays we may be away and not have ready access to the Internet or I'm just plain distracted!!! But don't let that stop you getting in touch anytime. I do surface for air sometimes!

To upload photos onto the Group if you are using the Flickr app then click on the picture you want posting on the Modern Quilt Group. You will see a little i in a circle, clicking on that will open a page. Scroll down and you will see under Groups the Modern Quilt GB group. Just select those pictures you want to post and add them to the Group. Only a copy gets posted. Your own account with all your pictures stays as it is. If you go into Flickr website then clicking on your picture will open up a page of the data on that picture. Again just scroll down to Groups and add the picture. These are reasonable intuitive processes and just requires a bit of playing with it.

How do I comment on someone else's picture?

Again it is quite intuitive. Just click comment and away you go. Comments are good but usually brief.
If someone comments on yours you will get sent a message.

Can I respond to that comment?

Yes you can. But I've only been able to do this by accessing Flickr via their website. This doesn't seem to work on my ipad going through the app. If you find it different do let me know.

If you go to the person's comment you should see some icons appear top right of their comment box. Clicking on the arrow opens a new comment with the commentators name there. You respond accordingly and then send. Again please feel free to play with it. If I get some strange 'test' type messages I will understand!!