Modern Quilt Group - August 2015 Newsletter

Modern Quilt Group Challenge 2015

With the Festival of Quilts just around the corner, now seems to be a good time to gently remind everyone of the Modern Quilt Group challenge for 2015.

Entry is open to all members of the Modern Quilt Group and it is a way of making the world out there aware of our existence! The quilts submitted will be shown at the West Country Quilt Show in November and possibly in Glasgow in March 2016.

Quilts should be 20 inches square and use equilateral triangles or the shapes that these can make - eg hexagons diamonds etc.

A 4 inch hanging sleeve on the back of the quilt is needed, along with a label giving your name and any title of the quilt. Edges should be finished to exhibition standards with binding or facing.

The quilts can be delivered at the stand at Festival of Quilts or please send an email to Lucy, who is curating these quilts to make the necessary arrangements. Email:

Latest date to receive them is: the end of September 2015

Full details can be found at:

Tutor Boxes

Three samples ready to go, with prototype Posting Bag...

This is our Big Idea for the Autumn and Winter, and I will have the first samples at the Festival, and a page of ready-to-go Boxes on the website at the same time.
I already have a few really nice samples, and I have lots of ideas for these.. I want to keep them easy, cheap to borrow, and to encourage the people who use them to pass the ideas and skills along...

I have a distributor for these, and details will be on the page at Tutor Boxes Page

As many of you are members of local quilting groups as well as the QG regions, have you thought of having a self-tutored workshop? Patterns are available to download at: Patterns Page


Modern Quilts at the Norfolk Quilt Heritage Day in Swaffham, July 28th 2015

Now has a proper editor, instead of me.. She is Gail Evans, and can be emailed on
(and, despite the I and we, she has mostly written this - HH)
Like all Group newsletters, we would very much welcome articles from you, the members of the Modern Quilt Group - please let us have your photos, your experiences, your thoughts for inclusion in the newsletter - it's amazing how many people will have had the same experiences!

I am sure the next newsletter will be full of news about the Festival of Quilts and the challenge, but until then I hope you have a lovely summer and manage to get those modern quilts as least started.

If you are visiting the Festival of Quilts, please drop by the Modern Quilt Group stand and say hello - it's always lovely to meet with fellow Modern Quilters.

Yahoo Group

Those of you who have followed the Modern Quilt Group on Yahoo will have seen lots of ideas given by Heather. For those of you who would prefer not to use the group (it would be good if you do but understand this isn't for everyone) I've given links to some of these ideas below

Cotton and Steel Picnic Quilt

Mary and Patch blog

Crazy Mom Quilts blog

Fat Quarter Shop - Another Angle quilt

Robert Kaufman Quilts - Splash

Get Involved with the Yahoo Group and the websites..

It's all about the cloth - photo by Brenda Crevald from a Doughty's day

To bring everyone up to speed, details of the group and what the members are doing can be found at a variety of sources; those who subscribe to the Yahoo group will already be aware of these, but for those of you who don't subscribe the details are:

Yahoo group - can be accessed at:

(One of my plans is to send "Invitations" to the Group as people join the MQGB)
With lots of discussion and ideas this is a good source of information about what is out there on the web - (so many ideas, will I ever have enough time... I hear you say!)

Online blogs: The growth in the number of these, certainly helps fuel our imagination. Giving us lots of interpretation of what is 'Modern' in the quilting world. I'm sure a definition of which will never be written, which means we can continually expand the boundaries.

Details of some of the blogs available can be found at:
MQGB Blogs page and you can add others to this page as you wish by emailing Helen on


Modern Quilting Group webpages There are two websites for this group, the first is The Quilters' Guild of the British Isles website: Modern Quilt Pages on the Guild site
At the end of this newsletter are details of how to show get yourself shown on both the Guild and the Modern Quilt Group pages.

The second website is that of the Modern Quilt Group (this can also be accessed from the Quilters' Guild of the British Isles website, and it's where you are at the moment):
Home Page
Members can have a page or several here as well as on the Guild site


As the group grows and we are asked to exhibit at more shows, it would be great if members could help with these. And we are open to anything you want to make your own baby, so to speak..
At the moment we have the Challenge, and have also been asked to exhibit at Hever September 11-13th 2015 - if you are able to help with manning the stand at this show, please could you contact Helen
It also strikes me that we are going to have a crisis in a couple of year's time, as everyone on the Committee will be falling off the end of their terms of office at once..
Soooo let's have some Shadows, please..
So far it hasn't been too onerous, and Helen and Heather have done almost everything..
As we now have a Team, let's go for a bit of Continuity, please... (HH)

Flickr Pictures...

Click here for a page about the Flickr Group

Guild Website Pages

How to log onto The Quilters' Guild of the British Isles - Members pages
Log in as a member to the Guild web site

Create your own page which will appear in the Members' Showcase

Put "Modern Quilt" in the section 'My interests' (you need inverted commas where you enter more than one word)

Put "Modern Quilt Group" in the 'I am a member of ..' section - this will then show you as a member of this group on the relevant page

Write something about yourself and your work

Put lots of photos of your work in the slideshow. The first one will appear on your page.

If you would like people to be able to email you, tick 'Display a 'contact me' form'. This means that people can email you direct from the Guild site without you having to put your own email address on the web page.

Now anyone who searches for 'Modern Quilt' will find you and can look at your work. Anyone who wants to contact you can do so.

If you need any more guidance on how to do this you can download a step-by-step guide from the members' area of the Guild website

Further details on creating your page can be found at:

If you get stuck The Guild's website officer's email address is -

Guide to uploading images to your pages of The Quilters' Guild of the British Isles website
Transfer all images from your iPhone/iPad to your PC and save in a folder. (Note - the Guild site does not support iPad uploads)

The best way to transfer them is to use iCloud which you can access online from a browser or Dropbox which can be set to automatically backup all your iPad photos. Once the photos are saved it's quick and easy to upload them.

Then follow the instructions as given on the website.


If this does not work or if you prefer you can email the image to yourself, open on your PC and save.

Then follow the instructions as given on the website.

If anyone has problems loading photos to the website, from a Mac, or PC could they email - giving details of the difficulties.