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The big day is nearly here and we are packing the cars so we can leave for Birmingham in the morning. We will spend Wednesday in frantic setting up, and be ready to greet all the visitors with sunny, smiling faces – after a good night’s sleep.

Come and see what promises to be an amazing display of Cottonopolis Quilts on stand TG28 (in hall 9) and visit the Modern Quilt Group table on the Guild stand by the main entrance. In both places you will find people talking modern quilts, demonstrating various blocks, giving you ideas for next year's challenge and generally having a good time.

Along with our team of helpers, we look forward to seeing you there!

Helen Howes (HH) Modern Quilt Group Co-ordinator
Helen Butcher (HB) MOD-Q Newsletter Editor

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Ruth's Second Piece

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Ruth's First Piece

QUILT STORIES: Headline News

Modern Challenge Quilts by Ruth Case
I first saw a modern quilt display at Houston in 2012 and it was such a change from the traditional patchwork patterns. The full sized bed quilts in bold primary colours, simple patterns and asymmetry were impressive.

It was another 2 years before I joined the modern quilt guild and explored the different aspects of modern quilting. The display of modern quilts at Festival last year on top of a second visit to Houston got me started within the Modern Quilt Guild, joining with others and setting up a small group in the Bristol area.

Our challenge consisted of making a 12" challenge based on distorting a traditional pieced block. Small quilts are easily designed and assembled, do not take up too much time and if I am not happy with the result another can be made or the initial block altered. I initially made a foundation pieced strip 4 by 12 inches in summer colours which was set into a white background and diamond quilted. This looked boring and I did not like the white border.

At the time I was exploring coloured backgrounds. The gray from a friends stash was neutral enough and plain enough for a background. This was combined with four dark colours and their paler hues in the centre. There were a variety of ways of placing the coloured blocks, this one was on the diagonal with each block meeting three others. The arrangement was pleasing and could be developed further if I have spare time.

The group's next challenge is to arrange blocks in a long thin strip (like a table centrepiece) and have it finished by the next meeting at the end of September.

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Judith Lyons
12 Joe Bennison
Joe Bennison
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Bee Barford


We’re almost ready to go, still finishing bindings madly - last minute queen? Me? Nah!,

And, I asked last time if any of you wanted your 2016 quilts back at FOQ or West Country, and no-body replied.. Please ask if you do, as it saves postage… HH

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by Helen Butcher
Optical illusions and making two dimensions into three has always fascinated me, so when I was asked to set the theme for next year's group challenge, I thought it would be a great one to suggest. There are already many clever quilt designs that fool the eye, ranging from simple shadow play to fascinating perspective blocks, I think it is time for a few more! I have started gathering some images on a PINTEREST page CLICK HERE to view it. (If you don't have a Pinterest account I thoroughly recommend that you sign up for it. You will get free access to millions of images and ideas, totally invaluable!)

CLICK HERE for details of challenge quilt requirements