Modern Quilt Group - April 2015 Newsletter

Well Hello!
It looks as if my February email newsletter has disappeared down one of those big holes in the road that swallow buses around here, so I'm trying something new with this...

We now have a Committee, all official and pretty-much up to speed (see below for contact information)

The Yahoo Group is being firmly poked with a sharpish stick to make it talk, and the Summer Festival season will be upon us momentarily..

And I've done my Web Editor training at the Guild so I can put stuff up properly on our bit of their website, in as much as I can puzzle it out..
And now it's really up to you all.. I cannot and do not want to make this a one-person Group, and I need your help, work, input, ideas, images, and desires; please...

And the very first thing, is to PLEASE ask you all to stay with the Group - I know that some of you have felt that not enough is happening, and you're perfectly right..
However, I did not want this to be an Exhibiting Group, I want it more to be about sharing, teaching each other, making quilts to use and love and that your 5-year-old will drag around and take down the garden..
I have felt that too much of the recent work I see is about boasting, and being precious, a form of showing-off.. It really does not suit most of us to be in that particular boat

I have had a request for a "Suitcase Collection" as the CQ and Traditional Groups send around - how about a Teaching Suitcase, with samples, patterns, and ideas?

This is Modern Wheels, pieced by Heather Hasthorpe and quilted by Mandy Parks

Heather represented the Group at the recent Regional Day jointly held by Regions 8 and 9 and the report of that is here (link takes you to the QGBI site)

Committee Members - click on the names to email these lovely people...

Janet Goddard and Sarah Hibbert - Treasurer and Deputy-Treasurer
Margo Hunter - Membership
Kate Percival - Exhibitions and The Like
Heather Hasthorpe - Advisor, Pattern deviser, and co-conspirator..
Plus - Helen Howes - Chairperson, Webmistress, and Yahoo Group Moderator

If you would like to join us (no long boring meetings, I promise) and/or have any ideas for projects or whatever, please email me..

I would also like to have some Regional contact-persons - this should not be a lot of work, but a member to refer people to with some local knowledge in each area would be fantastic.. I have had a few volunteers, and would be happy to have more - list next time

This is Crossing Points - the new step-by-step tutorial from the Patterns pages - this useful and easy block is versatile and a great scrap-attacker..
Click on the image to go to the tutorial

Have you got a good pattern you want to share? I'm happy to help if you want to do this..
That's all for now.. All contributions to everything are most welcome, please keep in touch...
Helen Howes