Modern Quilt Group - Newsletter, June 11th 2015

Hello Again

Been frightfully busy.. The AGM in Harrogate was fun, and we had a terrific reaction to our Prize Draw for Oakshott bundles (thanks a million to Michael Oakshott for providing these) - I'm hoping the lucky winners will be providing delightful pictures of the things they have made...
Heather's Modern Wheels quilt and my ancient Singer 99 were star turns, and altogether it was hard work but a good time..

Then I went to Scotland, no quilting in theory (but it's amazing how many people will start a conversation when they see my QG badges), frost in the mornings and camping.. I'm back, sewing madly, and getting all geared up for the Festival of Quilts

Festival of Quilts

This is Crossing Points - a new quilt and pattern (click here) which is made from 5-inch charm squares and lots of white.. Other versions in the pipeline and this one will be at Festival, along with lots more new stuff with the patterns and tutorials to ensure you can make your own...
I'm making one with prints, and a dark-and-red, and have loads more thoughts...
And please send pictures of your own efforts for the newsletter and the website...

Now, while I am happy to sit on the Modern Quilt part of the Guild stand and chatter all day, I really need some helpers - if you promise to steward there are sundry perks (free tickets, use of the stewards room for lunch and loo-breaks, getting to sit in a position of Great Power and Influence, all that sort of thing)..
Email me on please to help out, or even better, if you could take on organising this, as I'm working too hard already..
If you can't promise a proper shift, any help is welcomed, as we all need to pee....


Now, Heather made a nice tutorial for her Modern Crosses quilt and cushion, and Jenny Ladbrooke sent this delicious image of her little quilt which this inspired.. Don't you just love those colours?
Best of all, she has joined the Guild; welcome, welcome..


Our Exhibitions Officer, Kate Percival, sends this:-
"We have been offered a gallery space by the West Country Quilt Show in November (Friday 12th to Sunday 14th) this year. There are three walls and as, after various conversations I have had by chance with quilters who didn't know I was 'modern' a lot don't seem to 'get' why a Modern Group is needed or 'what' it is, this would seem to be the perfect opportunity to start to show ourselves off."

Kate has family commitments at present, but is still working on this, and Heather and I will be there, and Lucy Poloniecka has also promised help. We will need quilts and more helpers; more about this very soon
Contact Kate on or me on

We also have this from Margo Hunter
"Quilts Show SECC Glasgow 3-6 March 2016 run by ICHF.
This year was the first quilt show included the Sewing and Stitching show held up here each March.
I was approached by ICHF to help organise the quilt show, i.e. workshops, competitions, exhibitions. The hall layout and space allocation is prepared by ICHF and we are keen to make this show as big and successful as possible. It is also important to spread the word about specialist quilt groups like MQG, Contemporary etc. up here in Scotland."

I plan to go, and would be very pleased to see all the Top End People

Kate has also had an approach from Lady Sew and Sew for an exhibit there, and I will be at Quilters' Haven in Suffolk, in August from 20th -22nd with a small exhibition, hands-on workshops, and several helpers.. I'm looking for quilts to borrow for this, and can collect these at FOQ if that helps...

Little Boxes with Tutors In

Now this is our Big Idea, and seems to have struck a whole orchestra of chords..
The plan is to make a series of "Tutor Boxes" with a simple project and a Variation in each, with a handling sample, instruction sheets, and inspirations..
Samples will return to us, and you get to keep the worksheets and ideas for future use
The boxes will be supported with downloadable and printable worksheets online, and the idea is to provide a resource for groups of any size (even just a couple of people meeting in a house, perhaps) to enable them to play with ideas, pass on skills, and carry the whole thing forward.. All patterns and ideas will be free to reproduce and items made from these can be used for sales tables and the like.. At the moment we have 6 different boxes in preparation, and have had offers of several more..
If you would like to be involved with this, please ask.. If you can make a sample but not write the pattern, we are happy to help, and you will get full credit...
I will be making a page online about these in a few days with the first ideas.
I also plan to keep this as inexpensive as possible, and I'm hoping they will be useful for the Young Quilters, too


Make a 20 inch square quilt with a modern feel, using Hexagons, Equilateral triangles, or any combination of the two.. These will be shown at the Exhibitions above, and any Modern Group member can submit a quilt..
Quilts should be available for one year from August 2015, and can be delivered to us at Festival of Quilts if you wish..
Please email me on for full details and where to send quilts..
Lucy Poloniecka has kindly agreed to curate and collate this exhibit, and has been excused committees...
Page about this HERE

Suitcase Collection..

There's a plan afoot for a Suitcase Collection..Handling samples with an inspirational bias, to have at your quilt group or whatever..
More about this next time, but Heather has offered to collate, collect, and collude on this
Heather Hasthorpe can be emailed on


Has just passed 150, and we're not yet through our first year.. I'm deeply happy...

Image from my International Quilt Day workshops - Hexagons Ancient and Modern - I plan to run this again as an Area Day in October 2015, in Norfolk.. Would you like this workshop for your group? I'm open to offers...

Bless you for reading this far, and please tell your friends about Modern Quilt..