Modern Quilting in the UK - 2019 Joint Challenge

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QGBI 40th Birthday Challenge

Next year's challenge will be open to all members of the QGBI specialist Groups working from a single sourse of inspiration: The Edwin and Mary Bloomfield Coverlet.

CLICK HERE to view a high-resoluton version of the coverlet (be warned it is 25MB in size and will take some time to download - if you cannot download this, CLICK HERE for a medium sized image only 2MB)

Entrants will have to chance to have their work exhibited at 2019 Festival of Quilts. We are celebrating the 40th anniversary of the Quilters' Guild and are looking for Modern interpretations of a historical quilt from the Guild's collection (please see below).
Here at Modern we will be asking for our usual 20 x 20 inch format inspired by the original coverlet, it's history, story, design or construction.
Click on the image to go the the Quilters' Guild website to read about this quilt.

blomfield coverlet
The Edwin and Mary Bloomdield Coverlet, The Quilters' Guild Collection