Modern Quilting in the UK - 2018 Quilt Challenge

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Quilts covering all aspects of optical illusions;
weaving, layers, shadows, making three dimensions out of two, perspective and impossible figures
Made by the members of the Modern Quilt Group and first shown at the West Country Quilt Show 2018

This is


by Debbie McGuire

debbie mcguire
My challenge quilt Swans was inspired by the mid century depictions of birds by Charlie Harper, distilling their shapes down to simple graphic forms. I love working with curves in my work, the classic Double Wedding Ring quilt pattern has always 'fooled the eye' in its complicated atypical construction so I decided to play with its constituent parts to make circular 'swan' like shapes by bluring out parts and emphasising others to create a swirling mid century composition in a soft swanlike colour scheme of pastels intershot with dark, like the heads of a swan.
Hand quilted, machine pieced, cotton fabric and wadding.