Modern Quilting in the UK - Cottonopolis 24-inch Quilts

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Cottonopolis 24-inch quilts - Kate gave each participant a "record" with an A and a B side, from the great heritage of Manchester music (and subtly aimed at the maker's mind). The choice and interpretation was theirs, and the results delicious
These are in number order (of giving out) and if you click on the images, they open a page with a bigger image, perhaps a detail, and the record title...

10A Susan Brown

14A Pam Stanier

22A Pauline Stevens

36A Helen Butcher

41A Mary Allen

49 Hilary Drake

57B Terrie Brittain

76B Lucy Poloniecka

77B Janet Burns

84A Ann Beare

92A Jackie Smith

98A Jenny Ladbrooke

98B Jenny Ladbrooke

99A Heather Hasthorpe

99B Heather Hasthorpe

103A Helen Howes

104 Liz Ferguson

119B Karin Pope

122A Maria Spiller

128A Adelle Lindsay

129A Mary Munday

135A Carole Jacobs

138B Brenda Thomas

141A Jo Gallaway

143A Ann Finch

147A Alison Mayall

147B Alison Mayall

148A Helen Vivian

148B Helen Vivian