Modern Quilting in the UK - Cottonopolis 12 by 12s...

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2017s Cottonopolis Challenges include this delightful game - each player was given a set of four little squares and had to make a quilt using these and any other fabrics they chose..

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CLICK HERE for the 24-inch Quilts..

Bee Barford

Ann Beare

Joë Bennison

Joë Bennison

Alison Brooker

Margaret Bradly

Susan Brown

Helen Butcher

Ruth Case

Ruth Case

Marjory Dench

Hilary Drake

Jo Galloway

Annabel Groom

Sue Hart

Heather Hasthorpe

Helen Howes

Helen Howes

Michaela Knight

Jenny Ladbrooke

Alison Mayall

Carol Mcfadzean

Carolyn Patel

Karin Pope

Karin Pope

Penny Savill

Gill Shulman

Pauline Stevens